13 July 2011

Springfield Or Bust!

I was so pleased with how Desiree looks in her new dress, that I decided to make a new dress for Adeline too. I had some fabric in my stash with just the right shade of blue for her eyes (which are much darker than Desiree's). I also decided to remedy her encounter with a junior hairdresser many years ago, by arranging a visit with a senior hairdresser. Fortunately the woman who cuts my hair is a good sport.

Here's how Adeline looked before, with her hair shorter on her left side.

And here's how she looks after Miss Amira worked her magic, evening up the sides without sacrificing much length.

Now she's just as cute as can be in her new dress and a pair of red cat shoes.

Boo and I fly out tomorrow morning, and we're all packed and ready to go. I'm not bringing a computer, but I will have my iPad, so I may try to do a bit of blogging while we're on the road. Notice I said "may try" not "definitely will", as I have no idea what it will be like traveling with Boo.

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