17 July 2011

Sasha Festival 2011 - post 4

Boo slept until after 7:00 this morning, while I dressed myself and the dolls then attempted to finalize our packing. Not an easy task without knowing what our brunch table favors would be, and whether we'd win any helper raffle items. Here's Boo with the girls once she was awake and dressed. We headed down to brunch shortly afterwards.

Fortunately the festival table favors were relatively small in size: gingham bags with the Sasha logo, containing socks & mini Lincoln logs, plus boxes with black shoes to go with our festival dresses from last night. As usual, there were lots of dolls at the tables, many wearing newly purchased or won attire. This blonde trio is wearing the festival dresses we received last night.

After brunch, Charla thanked people who helped with the festival, Jackie announced the Dress-A-Sasha winners, and Dawn Law spoke a bit about next years festival in the UK. Lastly, Heidi supervised the helper item raffle, with Elliot drawing the tickets and announcing the winners. Boo and I didn't win anything (though Dorisanne gave Boo an knit outfit, and Charla gave her some Sasha-sized toys for helping with the raffle). I was able to get everything from brunch into our suitcases easily, so we had a bit of free time for saying goodbyes before taking the shuttle to the airport.

We've had a long layover in Chicago where I've been composing this post around trying to keep Boo entertained. Our final leg home starts boarding in a few minutes. It will be nice to be home with my husband and son and back to our usual routine, but I'm sure I'll be suffering withdrawal from all my Sasha friends for a few weeks. I'm already looking forward to attending my next festival, hopefully in 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wrap-up of the Sasha Festival 2011. I thoroughly enjoyed your coverage over the last few days, it was the next best thing to being there.

Serenata said...

Glad you had such a wonderful time and thank you so much for spending the time to post about it. Safe travel.

SimplySasha said...

Thank you for telling us about the festival. Your little girl is adorable...she is so lucky to have a Sasha mad mother!!