16 July 2011

Sasha Festival 2011 - post 3

Boo slept in until about 6:45 this morning. I think she would have slept even later if I hadn't been rattling around, but we needed to get breakfast and have my sales table set up by 9:00. I brought 10 dolls from my collection to sell, plus lots of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Only one of my dolls found a new home, but I managed to sell a lot of the smaller items that make less sense to sell online. The sales room was open until 11:30, so that filled most of our morning. Here's a picture of Heidi's table; I was so busy checking out everyone else's tables that I neglected to take a picture of my own.

Boo found herself a baby, which made up for yesterday's auction disappointment. She is a 70's sexed girl, temporarily named Kitty. I also let Boo buy her several outfits, so baby Kitty's layette is well underway.

We were on our own for lunch, with free time for sightseeing built into the afternoon schedule. Boo and I toured the Old State Capitol and also visited the Lincoln home. Lots of walking in the heat with surprisingly little whining.

We had just enough time for ice cream, another trip to the hotel's pool, and some preliminary packing before the special Doll Quilt Display and dinner.

We received festival dresses and pinwheels as table favors, with a different fabric for the dresses at each table. Boo and mine are a pink print, one with a pink sash and one with a navy blue sash (this picture is from a table with a slightly different pink print).

The after dinner program was a slide presentation about the Dana Thomas House, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is currently being renovated. I tried to stick around and chat for a while afterward, but Boo was tired and impatient and I was losing my patience too. She has been asleep for over an hour now, while I've tried to do more packing in the near-dark. Hard to believe it will all be over tomorrow after brunch.

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Anonymous said...

I applaud your efforts, especially with a little one in tow.
Thank you for enabling those of us at home the unique opportunity of viewing festival activities through your eyes (info/photos). You are very generous...great job!

ps - Your Boo is beaming with her new baby...too cute!

laura osterdyk said...

I have a pictureof your table.
Laura Osterdyk