14 July 2011

Sasha Festival 2011 - post 1

We made it safely to Springfield! We checked in to the hotel, spent some time in our room unpacking and unwinding, headed to registration, then mingled in the lobby for a while. Boo was hungry, so we found a couple of other people interested in an early dinner - a nice meal at Cafe Andiamo up the street with Dawn Law and Elizabeth Mizerek.

After we ate, we had more downtime in our room while I priced some of the items for my sales table, and we changed Calla and Rose into their pjs for the "Route 66 Drive In" themed Meet and Greet. Lots of people were there! I enjoyed chatting with old friends, meeting new people, and taking pictures of "girls" and their dolls. Like my dear friend Tina:

And our hostess-with-the-mostest, Charla:

While I socialized and wandered around taking pictures, Lea-Frances kept busy playing on my iPad ... and made a new friend in the process

Now she's falling asleep in front of the TV, which might not be good parenting but cured both the mania and whining that happen when she's overtired. After this quick blog post I'm off to bed too, as we're helping to set up the CFA items early tomorrow morning.

So far, so fun. :-)

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Serenata said...

Oh have fun, sounds like you will do!