01 July 2011

Later Gotz Moderns

I am consolidating my Sasha collection a bit, so that my dolls can have more room (and hence more visibility) in the space available. It was a difficult decision, but I've decided to part with my four pale-skinned Later Gotz girls. I will miss them, as they are lovely dolls with their fair skin, rosy cheeks, and long straight hair. Still, I'd prefer that they be enjoyed elsewhere rather than hidden at the back of a cabinet here.

They will be available at my sales table at the upcoming Sasha Festival in Springfield. Since I'll be packing them for our trip soon (is it really only two weeks away?!), I decided to take some group pictures today. It was a bit of a rush job, but I think these turned out okay.

First the two brunettes together, Stella and Anika:

Next the two blondes together, Carmen and Wibke:

Then the two with braids together, Wibke and Anika:

And finally, a couple of pictures with all four: a close up ...

... and a full-body shot.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

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