20 July 2011

Eye Candy

Sheila Foery took amazing close-ups of the faces of some of the studio dolls that were exhibited at the Sasha Festival for the debut of the new book Sasha Dolls: A History. She has graciously allowed me to post them here on my blog.

A big thank you to Sheila for sharing her photos!

And a huge thank you to the owners of these studio dolls for allowing them to be displayed and photographed.


Serenata said...

Wonderful! Such a treat.

SimplySasha said...

Great pictures by Sheila! Thank you..great to see..

Ginger said...

Fran, Thank you for all of your postings of the dolls and the Festival activities. Your efforts have helped so many Sasha lovers feel like they were there :)

Sheila's photos are very wonderful. I love Studio dolls and their uniqueness. It is so nice to see them up close.
Thank you Sheila !

sasha styles said...

your welcome everyone, I HAD to get photos of the studio dolls this year ,because when they were all together(and even more) the last time in 2009 I was kinda busy and missed some photos :)

Julie said...

Wow--such a treat to see these. Must get my book ordered ASAP. Thank yo so much for the post.

Anonymous said...

Stunning! Loved all the different painting styles and color combinations, individually unique and lovely, for sure! Thank you Sheila and Fran for your combined efforts.