01 May 2011


This seems like a fitting song for saying farewell to Alice -- it's what we used to sing around the campfire on the final night of Girl Scout camp. She's heading north to a new home tomorrow, and I must admit that I'm going to miss her.
Mmm Mmm I want to linger,
Mmm Mmm a little longer,
Mmm Mmm a little longer here with you.

Mmm Mmm it's such a perfect night,
Mmm Mmm it doesn't seem quite right,
Mmm Mmm that this should be my last with you.

Mmm Mmm and come September,
Mmm Mmm I will remember,
Mmm Mmm our camping days and friendships true.

Mmm Mmm and as the years go by,
Mmm Mmm I'll think of you and sigh,
Mmm Mmm this is goodnight and not goodbye.

Good night, Alice.

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