31 January 2011

Meet Princess Sasha

Like many Sasha collectors, I longed to own a rare Sasha Princess from 1986. She was intended to be a limited edition of 3500, but fewer than 400 were made before the factory in England closed. She has such a sweet look in all the pictures I've seen, with her distinctive blonde wig and brown eyes. I was thrilled when I found one for a reasonable price, complete with her box and certificate. When she arrived, I was surprised by how little attention I gave her. She and I just didn't connect -- a first for me with regard to Sashas. I finally concluded that it was her wig I didn't like (yes, that beautiful wig). I love wigged dolls in pictures, but apparently not so much in person. After months of contemplation I decided to sell her on for another collector to enjoy, but not before taking a few pictures.

Her outfit is elegant yet understated, and I love how all the pieces pull together. The pale pink and navy blue contrast nicely, and the hooded cloak and jeweled neck ribbon are perfect accessories for a princess.

I still think Sasha Princess looks sweet in pictures, but I also think I made the right decision for me when I sent her off to a new home.

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