05 October 2010

Meet Paloma

I love how the early English brunettes look, but resisted buying them at first due to concerns about falling hair. I managed to find a few with stable hair, and then added a few more who only lose a hair or two when combed. Paloma is in the latter group, so I pretty much leave her hair alone. It is quite thick, with very deep bangs, and a part way over on her left side. I decided I could handle minor hair issues on such a gorgeous girl. From Susanna's charts, I'm almost certain she's a 1968 Brunette Gingham.

She looks so different in this picture to me, even though they were all taken at the same time. Her face appears wider from this angle, and her hair appears lighter, almost highlighted in the sunlight from the window.

And finally a couple of close-ups, so you can really see her beautiful big brown eyes.

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