25 September 2010

Grocery Shopping

I purchased a Sasha-sized shopping cart for myself last year. Boo fell in love with it, but I didn't want to give it up. Instead, I bought a second cart and gave it to her for Christmas, filled with groceries (mostly from Lovvbugg on eBay). I also found her a couple of miniature shopping baskets (in the dollar section at Target - such a bargain!), one containing plastic fruits and the other containing plastic vegetables. This means she has plenty of supplies for her Sashas to go grocery shopping.

Boo with Rose and Calla, showing off some of their goodies:

Rose fills the cart while Calla pushes:

Rose and Calla are both wearing retro print dresses made by Fung Hicks, one with kittens and the other with Scottie dogs.


Julie said...

Really really cute--all three of them!
Where did you find the shopping carts if you don't mind my asking?

franberry said...

I bought the shopping carts online from Cecile St. Gelais (see "links" in the sidebar of my blog), a year or so ago. At that time she was reachable at the "Email me" address there, and still had some things for sale (though not everything on the list of items for sale was still available).
It made me a smile the other day when I was going through some old Friends of Sasha newsletters and noticed an ad for these, sold by Cecile back in 1991.