22 July 2010

Sasha Festival 2010 - post 3

The dolls and clothing are marvelous and the festivities are entertaining, but to me the Sasha Festival is all about the people. Nowhere else can I hang out and socialize with so many other people who understand my love of Sasha dolls. I met or became reacquainted with so many fascinating, friendly, fun people during the long weekend in San Francisco, far too many to mention them all individually.

Last year I was eager to meet people who I'd been communicating with online. This year I discovered that there were people who were eager to meet me because they read my blog. Pretty cool. Victoria (from Australia) felt like an old friend, since she knew so much about me and my dolls from what I've shared online. I'm already looking forward to seeing her again. She joined in with Michele (left) and Tina (right) when we took a post-workshop picture like last year.

Ai made me feel like a rock star for a moment. She came bouncing up to me at the workshops and introduced herself, then told me she reads my blog and asked if she could take a picture with me. Again, she felt like an old friend when we socialized during the weekend. I hope to see her and her daughter again at future festivals.

Something else struck me when thinking about people I met at the festival: there were quite a few couples I had fun talking with. I enjoyed meeting the husbands as well as the wives, and it was nice to see such supportive and loving couples.

Tom and Carol

Mary and Hans

Erica and Ian

Jackie and Sammy

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