19 July 2010

Sasha Festival 2010 - post 1

I wasn't planning to buy a doll at the festival, but this lovely girl came home with me. I am still so excited about her that words fail me. Other than perhaps yipee, or woo hoo!

The Festival was fantastic! I have about 300 pictures, and lots to talk about ... but it will have to wait until I get some sleep (and deal with some of the more mundane aspects of life).

UPDATE:  After lots of contemplation, she and I have settled on the name Juliette.


Lauri said...

Oh my goodness! She's gorgeous. Is she another one of your "A" girls?

franberry said...

As my only doll from 1966, I'm giving myself free reign with her name. I figure at some point she'll speak to me, though perhaps I'm still too sleep-deprived from the festival to hear her whispers.