24 May 2010

Busy As a Bee

Alas, I haven't met my goal of blogging at least once a week recently. My husband has been away quite a bit the past two weeks. Between that and the extra busy-ness associated with school and kid's activities winding down, I just haven't had any free time. I'm hoping for a new post this week if the clouds part for long enough to take photos (this is our third consecutive rainy day, with more forecast through midweek).

My Swiss Dress sewing efforts have also stalled, partly due to lack of time but also because I'm hoping to buy a sewing machine as a birthday gift for myself (my birthday is Thursday, but due to the busy holiday weekend I may not shop until next week). There are still over seven weeks until the Festival, so I'm not worried yet. Though perhaps I should be, since I need to get cracking on Table Hostess gifts as well.

1 comment:

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