24 April 2010

♥ 2010 Sasha Festival ♥

The 2010 Sasha Festival is happening July 15-18 in San Francisco, California. This year's theme is "Sasha Returns Home to Switzerland". The registration deadline is May 8, so there's still time to send in your registration if you haven't done so already. Registration information can be found at the official website.

Here are some additional details from Jan Johnson regarding this year's "Dress-A-Sasha Contest".

1. The Life of Sasha Morgenthaler
Base your entry on one facet of Sasha Morgenthaler's life. Your entry could represent Sasha as an artist, midwife, humanitarian (aiding refugee children after World War II), world traveler or doll maker.
2. Switzerland
Your entry can represent one of the following aspects of Swiss life:
The story of Heidi by Johanna Spyri (perfect for Sasha as Heidi and Gregor as Peter)
The story of William Tell (Gregor as William Tell and a Toddler as his son)
Clara Barton - Founder of the American Red Cross (inspired by her 1869 trip to Geneva, Switzerland)
Watch-making (Gregor would make a great watchmaker!)
Swiss Banking
Mountain climbing in the Swiss Alps

Classes of Entrants:
Youth: 12 to 17 years of age
Adult: 18 years and up

1. Outfit made by entrant.
Adults only - all clothing must be made by entrant, except shoes, socks, underwear and accessories.
2. Outfit assembled by entrant.
Adults and youth - clothing may be purchased or made by someone other than entrant.


wpooh012644 said...

Thanks Fran for the schedule for the festival...I am getting excited...it's my first one.

Winnie, Calif.

franberry said...

You're welcome. Just passing along information received from Jan, as I figure there might be people who haven't found the Yahoo groups yet, or (like me) find it difficult to search for old messages there.
This will be my second festival, and I'm excited too. I know that several people I met last year won't be traveling cross-country, but I'm looking forward to meeting new people who weren't able to travel to Rochester last year. And I'm sure Jan has put together a special event. Only a few more days ... and still quite a bit of work to do on table hostess gifts. :-)
See you soon!