15 March 2010

Pattern Resources

Because members of the online Sasha community have had problems receiving patterns from a-pattern-company-that-shall-not-be-named, I thought it might be helpful to post about other pattern resources. There have been many patterns created/published in the roughly 45 years since Sasha dolls were first produced. Many of these patterns are no longer available, except in the second-hand market. This post will be limited to information about patterns that are still "in print" (or at least still available from their designers), both for sewing and knitting. I've labeled this post to make it easy to find when it's no longer the most recent. Simply find the LABELS section in the left sidebar, then click on patterns.

Most website links listed here can also be found individually in the sidebar.
  • Designs By Judi - sewing patterns for Sasha, Gregor, Baby, and Toddler.
  • The Doll Carriage / Denise Ortakales - sold as a packet of the 30 remaining patterns (US buyers only).
  • The Doll Works - knitting patterns for Sasha and Gregor, as well as yarn and buttons.
  • Friends of Sasha - at least one pattern per issue. Back issues from 1996-2005 are still available in complete yearly sets from Dorisanne Osborn. *** Click here to see Friends Of Sasha Pattern List 1996-2005 ***
  • Grandma's Emporia - UK eBay shop with both knitting and sewing patterns (ships worldwide).
  • Marcy Street Patterns - two pattern books (Knitting Patterns From Marcy Street, and Sewing Patterns For Sasha Baby) available from Ann Chandler.
  • Patchwork Pansy - sewing patterns for Sasha.
  • Peggy Trauger Doll Patterns - sewing patterns for Sasha (16" Doll) and Baby (12" Doll).
  • Sasha Knitting (was Cuddy Lugs) - knitting patterns for Sasha, Gregor, Baby, and Toddler, as well as yarn and accessories.
  • Simply Grace Designs - sewing e-patterns for Sasha, Gregor, Baby, and Toddler.
  • SiriKind - knitting patterns and kits, several of which can be made to fit Sasha.
  • Susan Kramer Free Doll Clothes Patterns - three patterns that fit Sasha: Bodysuit, Short and Long Sleeve Dress, and Sleeveless Dress. Click on the picture of Sasha at the top of the page for the bodysuit pattern and links to the other two patterns.
  • Susanna Lewis Knitting Kits - kits with yarn and instructions for Sasha and Gregor; patterns and yarn also available separately.
  • Susanna Lewis Knitting Patterns - both hand and machine knitting patterns for Sasha, Gregor, and Baby.
  • wee me designs - previously a stand-alone site selling sewing e-patterns, in the process of transitioning to an Etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

My Sasha doll is in need of repair. The elastic attached to her head & limbs has stretched out & needs to be replaced. Is there someone who can do a good job of mending her?

franberry said...

I know of several people who do Sasha repair. The best choice will depend on where you live. I am on the east coast and have had good luck with Pat in Florida. If you search on the LABEL restoration/repair on my blog you should find her contact information in one of my earlier posts. Jan in California repaired one of my dolls (Muriel) before I owned her -- she has a website that can be found in my LINKS (Jan Johnson, Sasha Repair). Kelly in PA also does repair work and has a website that can be found in my links (Our Sasha Dolls - Joe & Kelly). There are also people in Europe; if you live there, my advice would be to contact Shelly at Sasha Doll UK (also linked on my blog).