01 January 2010

Happy New Year

Muriel would like to join me in wishing everyone a Happy 2010! She's still wearing her Christmas outfit, a nifty Rudolph dress made by the very talented Helena in Canada (AKA eBay seller dolliepatch). Sometimes I see one of her creations and I just have to have it, as was the case with this dress. I think it's just perfect for Muriel, who tends to look best in "big girl" clothes.

I did not make any resolutions, though I did set some goals for the year. One of them is to continue blogging at least once a week. I have lots of ideas, it's time that I'm always short of (and good weather for taking photos). I have a dozen more dolls to introduce, lots of clothing to share, more props and display ideas, dolls and clothing for sale (check out my booth on bonanza), and perhaps even details of my own sewing attempts (another of my goals).

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Anonymous said...

I always wonder where my favorite outfits go. Now you have three that I was watching (the Wizard of Oz outfit and the embroidered Dutch scene white dress being the other two). Thanks so much for sharing!