05 July 2009

Sasha Festival 2009 - post 4

I didn't buy any new dolls at the festival, but I did come home with a whole lot of Sasha-related stuff. So much stuff, that I had a hard time fitting everything in my suitcase for the flight home. Fortunately one of the festival souvenirs was a reusable Wegmans shopping bag; I stuffed it full (including my purse) to use as my personal carry-on item. The festival souvenir outfits (and one of the table gifts I received) were pictured in my last post. I decided to show a portion of my other festival souvenirs in this post.

Friday morning was devoted to workshops. There were four craft items to complete: a pair of miniature postcards, a Czech glass beaded necklace, a lilac hat, and a scrapbook memory page. I'm not very crafty (unless you count "like a fox"), but the items were relatively simple and I managed to muddle through. I brought the scrapbooking packet home to work on; you can see some of the postcards and photos that were included at the top of this picture, along with my other finished craft items.

There were souvenir items on the tables at all three of our group meals. Some were festival souvenirs that everyone received, while others were gifts from the table hostesses and thus unique for each table. I'm certain that the items shown below were festival souvenirs (many had tags explaining their significance to the region), though I'm sure there were others. I included my nametag in the picture, as well as the special round pin I received indicating that this was my first festival.

These items were on the table I sat at for the "Celebrating the Boys" luncheon on Saturday. I believe the painted toybox and boy-themed toys were all gifts from the table hostess(es), though I can't recall name(s).

I think this is the rest of the souvenir items I brought home, a mix of festival and hostess gifts. In the upper right corner is the edge of the round fabric-covered box that contained the Sasha festival outfit; the box in front of it contained the two necklaces I received on Sunday. I added my auction paddle to the mix, but not any of the other items we received at registration: shopping bag, journal, auction item list, Gotz catalog, pattern, postcards ... As I said at the beginning of the post, I brought home a whole lot of Sasha-related stuff.

Of course this doesn't include items from the Gift Exchange, Children's Charity Auction, Sales Room, or Helper Drawings. I'll include pictures of some of those items in my next post.


Lauri said...

Wow! I'm glad you fit it all in your suitcase! :) We've seen those little Lincoln Logs are for sale at many Crackerbarrel restaurants for around $6 US.

jenann said...

I shouldn't have let my boys look! Now they each want a painted toy chest. How many Gregors do I have ...? It was 12 at the last count. I feel an expensive Christmas coming on so I better start saving.