03 July 2009

Sasha Festival 2009 - post 3

I finally found time to take pictures of the festival souvenir outfits. The Gregor outfit (modeled by Gregor Hiker) consists of: off-white pants, off-white with lilac trim V-neck sweater, ecru socks, and beige lace oxfords. The Sasha outfit (modeled by Calla) consists of: white batiste lilac-smocked dress & panties, lilac cardigan, white socks, and purple ankle strap shoes. Dottie Daily designed the souvenir dress, Freda Ainslie knit the sweaters, and Jean Jenson made the shoes - all spectacular!

Gregor and Calla are also wearing necklaces which weren't part of the official outfits; I received them as a table gift at Sunday's brunch. The shark tooth and sand dollar necklaces were made by Dominic and Carolyn Ruscio, who winter in Venice, Florida (the "Shark Tooth Capitol of the World"). I think they complement the outfits perfectly!

Jean Jensen's shoes are such a delight that I felt they warranted their own pictures.

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