08 March 2009

Dutch Scene Dress

I desperately wanted this dress from the moment I first saw it on eBay, and luckily I was the top bidder. It was made by Helena in Canada, AKA the eBay seller dolliepatch. The dress is beautiful in pictures, but even more stunning in person. Her description from the auction is spot on: "enchanting antique fabric ... extraordinarily delicate and soft, almost with a life of its own. And the antique hand embroidery is breathtaking ..."

So breathtaking in fact, that I decided to have Enid (my full-center part blonde from 1970) model it, rather than one of the 80's girls that I usually dress. She has such an innocent quality about her.

Here's a close-up of the embroidery at the hem "... marvelously tiny and dainty!"

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