28 January 2009

1980's Honey Blondes

After commenting in yesterday's post about how different Cameo and Calla looked, I though a comparison photo was in order. You can see here how Cameo's bangs are narrower, they don't extend as wide across her forehead. Her hair is a slightly darker shade which I'd describe as more golden, and it catches the light more. Calla is a bit taller and her head a bit larger as well -- an example of how the dolls "grew" over time as molds were recast.

I decided to add my Gregor to the comparison. Even though he's officially named Gregor Sandy Hiker, his hair color is basically honey blonde. Its shade is almost identical to Calla's, and with their matching blue eyes they look like fraternal twins. I really like this picture of the three of them.

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