14 December 2008

Michele in CO

I discovered Michele while looking for Sasha clothing online. Until recently she had a website on AOL Hometown; that service has been discontinued for all users, but she can be reached by email if anyone wants some knitting done. I had her knit me up four cardigans (two short-sleeved and two long-sleeved) in colors I selected. We were both busy with work, plus she had to order some of the yarn, so the whole process took a while. Neither of us was speedy with our email replies, but we kept in touch through the whole process and I really enjoyed our email exchange - such a nice person to be dealing with. My sweaters arrived about the same time as the cooler weather, perfect timing for the girls to show them off. I also received a special gift to compensate for the delay, which wasn't necessary but was very thoughtful. Here's Chloe modeling my gift dress and bolero, and Cindy in one of the short-sleeved sweaters (the other is royal blue).

Perhaps it's the color, but the dress makes me think of Easter. Once my Christmas chaos is over, I need to put in an order for more dresses in other pastel colors. If only I can find some Sasha-sized Easter baskets...

The long-sleeved sweaters are pink and deep red, and match quite nicely with the dresses on Stella and Anika (though this was completely unplanned). They are my only two "display" dolls in sleeveless dresses, which makes the cardigans even more suitable. I took some ribbing from my husband about them being cold when he found me putting on their sweaters, but I think they may wear them until the spring.

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