21 November 2008

Meet Gregor Hiker

Gregor Sandy "Hiker" is the only male doll I currently own. He was produced in 1986, with fewer than 400 made before the factory closed. He is the only Gregor with sandy/honey blonde hair. Both of these facts make him a bit special, at least in my eyes.

He wears a pack on his back which includes a rolled up sleeping bag, and looks pretty darn cute in his cap. It's a bit chilly for sleeping outside here, so I don't think he'll trek very far today. The spot you see under his nose in this picture is not caused by the camera, but actually exists; he has a small, perfectly round, shiny dot which catches the light at certain angles. Go figure. [UPDATE: It was caused by something on the surface, not a flaw in his vinyl. I gently washed his upper lip, and the spot is gone!]

My husband is not sure how Gregor survives spending all his time with thirty females.

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