20 October 2008

Five Amigos is Enough!

Looking at the four amigos standing together in the dining room, it felt like something was missing. Four dolls (a nice even number), two with long hair and two with short (an even split), two with blonde hair and two with dark hair (another even split). Yet I had another name from my searches -- starting with "C", five letters long, and of Greek origin. Cybil was missing. I should emphasize the WAS because she isn't missing anymore. She adds a nice asymmetry to the group, and a bit of pizazz with her copper-colored hair. I'll make her formal introduction later in the week.

The girls are all dolled up in clothing from eBay seller justsew1940. I'm not sure the best way to describe these outfits (Modern? Trendy? Current??), but they look like things my young daughter and her friends would wear. I've switched where they're standing so you can see the trim on the jeans, which were hidden in the first configuration.

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