31 August 2008

The Three Amigos

We now have names for our three dress-up dolls: Calla, Chloe, and Cindy.

The dark skinned dolls were called Cora, which seems old-fashioned. I started calling her Chloe instead -- still "C", still short, but more up-to-date -- and Boo had no objections. Then our other dolls arrived. I suggested Nina for the Sasha Brunette, but Boo nixed that. Her choice was Cindy since "it's a princess name" (as in Cinderella). My original thought for the Sasha Honey Blonde was Heather, which Boo didn't like either. Once the other two had "C" names, I turned to an online baby name site, where I discovered that Chloe and Cindy are both of Greek origin. I looked for "C" names of Greek origin with five letters, and found Calla. Turns out that's a princess name too, since it means Beauty (as in Sleeping Beauty). That satisfied Boo, and me too.

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