18 May 2014

"Snapshots from Childhood"

Time to finish up with posts related to the 2013 festival since the 2014 festival is almost here...
This was Boo's second Dress-A-Sasha entry (her first was "Little Miss Muffet" at the 2012 festival). The theme was "Snapshots from Childhood", replicating a childhood photo. Boo wanted to use Sara, my rerooted "mini Boo" toddler, for obvious reasons. We looked through old photos and found one of her at around the right age  -- that sweet face! (and those skinny legs).

Luckily we have three of those monkeys in different sizes (daddy, mommy, and baby) so Sara could hold the smallest. And the outfit was easy for her to manage as well since Sashapotamus sells similar onesies. Boo took a picture of our bookshelf and our wooden floor to set the scene, and that was it.

You wouldn't know it from the forced smile in this photo, but she was happy to win first place in the "assembled by" child category.


Dee said...

I loved this entry when I saw it in people photo's from the festival.
The wild haired baby and the monkey are a perfect copy of Boo photo and a worthy winner of first place.

I love that baby's hair !

Serenata said...

Brings back some fond memories of this entry, loved it and have to giggle at Boo's 'forced' smile as well ;-)

Kendal said...

Absolutely perfect and just brilliant.
2 4569882Definitely worthy of the first prize.
Congratulations and well done!