14 July 2013

Sasha Festival 2013 - post 4

Time flies so quickly when you're having fun. Boo's babies posed for one last picture in the chair before we headed to brunch. Kitty is wearing the new bolero, since both Madden and Kelly already had turns.

Lots of people dressed their dolls in the smocked dress we received last night, so they were asked to line them up on a table in the front of the room. It made a nice display with the similar dresses and different dolls.

We did not receive another Sasha outfit at this meal; instead we received a gift for ourselves, silver charm bracelets with a special 2013 Sasha Festival charm (a tradition-in-the-making for those of us who attend multiple festivals). After we ate, Jackie and Marti announced the details of next year's festival which will be held in Phoenix. You know you want to be there, so start saving your pennies and plan for a vacation in late June.

Here is a picture of the back of the card we received, which gives all the necessary details. They also told us that the Dress-A-Sasha theme will be "Sasha in the 21st Century (2000-2099)", and that bringing a Sasha baby was recommended for one of the meal themes.

All of the children helped with the helper item raffle, with Elliot drawing the numbers. Boo and I were not very lucky with the helper items, and (very sadly) completely unlucky with the raffle dolls.

Baby Sunny was won by Tina.

The blonde with trunk was won by Cleo.

And Charlotte from the UK was won by Gayle, who was understandably rendered speechless. Wow!

I have a busy week ahead, but more festival-related posts will be coming when time allows.


DollMum said...

I so appreciate your photos and the description of events, and was hoping you'd have better luck than you did with the helpers and the raffles - what a shame you didn't win. It is so funny seeing the photo of Charlotte with all her goodies so far away, having photographed her last month in England at Dawn's house. I'm glad Tina won a raffle doll. Lucky Gayle and Cleo.
I look forward to your other posts and photos about the festival when time allows.

Kendal said...

It's always so sad, even for non attendeees like me, to see the photos of the Festival's last day and realise that it's over for another year.
I like, through the photos, to imagine myself there too.

Super photo of all the Sashas in their beautiful Festival smocked by Millie dresses. Wonderful idea to finish off the event.

Sorry to hear that you and Boo weren't as successful with winning some of the raffle and helper's items as you were last year...but congratulations to Cleo, Gayle and Tina on their superb wins.

Many thanks for all the photos and look forward to the added names and descriptions later in the week.

Sharon said...

Thanks so much Fran for bringing us 'closer' to being at the festival with your super photos! I'm sorry that you and your daughter didn't win but glad you had a lovely time all the same.
Congrats to the winners of the dolls, what fantastic prizes, no wonder the lady who won Charlotte was speechless, I'd have needed oxygen!!!
Hugs Sharon in Spain x