14 July 2013

Sasha Festival 2013 - post 3

Here is a picture of the studio-style outfit we received at yesterday's luncheon - my outfit anyway, since different fabrics were used for each. And yes, the Jean Jensen black shoes were included.

We could have sleep in this morning except I signed up for a sales table again this year. After breakfast Boo helped me get everything set up, and also helped staff the table.

We were able to do some quick shopping (and picture taking) before the crowd arrived. Not that we did all of our shopping early, as we kept on browsing and buying pretty much the whole time. Boo found some gifts to bring home for Calla and Rose, and a little pink romper for "prize doll" Kelly; I bought several dresses and two pairs of adorable summer sandals.

I do believe one lucky girl has a new doll. :-)

We grabbed lunch at the hotel restaurant since Boo had a Dress-A-Sasha entry to set up. Nothing extravagant, but she had fun doing it and was thrilled to win a prize.

This was my favorite entry in the "adult made by entrant category", and the winner as well.

Once we had voted for our favorites we finally had some free time. Boo went for a swim while I relaxed by the pool and caught up with the news online.

Dinner's theme was "Happy Birthday, Sasha M,", so I'd made party hats. I brought enough for everyone at the table ... and the other little girls ... and a few big girls who admired them as well. Boo kept asking why I was making so many, but it's fun to have little things to give to people even when you're not the table hostess. If you ever want to make hats for your dolls, here's where I found the template and instructions: Make it Do.

We received a second full outfit at dinner, this time a smocked dress, slip, and panties made by Millie Dingham (she made all 100ish of them herself in a variety of colors and smocking patterns), and shoes made by Ruth Hartley. I took a quick picture of my dress; Boo and I both wound up with purple, though they are not identical.

After dinner and birthday cake for Sasha's 120th, Anne Votow gave a fantastic slideshow presentation about Sasha Morgenthaler that focused on the studio dolls. I think this was my favorite slide.

She also had a display of studio dolls, some in original outfits and some redressed for a white dress theme. Stunning! I feel so fortunate to have been able to see so many studio dolls in person at recent festivals.

The babies had fun in their party dresses and hats, made glittery by Boo especially for them, but they were getting tired by the time the festivities ended. I think we all are at this point, since so much gets squeezed into such a short time - not just activities, but socializing too.

I've packed a bit, but still have a lot to do in the morning before brunch and checkout. Time for me to get some sleep .... ZZZzzzzz


Kendal said...

Looks like it was another Sasha 'power packed' day!

How wonderful and lucky you all were to get a Millie Dingham smocked outfit as well as Friday's studio outfit. I know that her smocking is absolutely delightful.

Love Boo's 'Dress a Sasha' outfit. A perfect copy of the photograph of her when she was a toddler. Great representation too of the background bookcase!
So pleased that she won a prize.

Very smart and fun party hats. Well done you!

Was lovely to see my previous Studio Doll, Erin, now going to live with Jackie K.

Saw another of my 'now sold on' customised by Shelly and Alison dolls in your last post. Will look forward to seeing the name of her new owner later when you start to add the details to the photos.

The sales tables looked to be so tempting! Always wish even more so at this point that I was there as I love nothing better than a little Sasha spend!

Hope that everything went well for Heidi...but I'm sure that it did apart from the Susanna Lewis plane delayed hitch.

Many thanks again for all the wonderful photos. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at very detail.

Enjoy this morning and the brunch and raffle and helper drawings and then have a safe journey home.

Anonymous said...

Great to see all your photos. Looks like a great time has been had, how I wish I could have been there this year!

Dee said...

Love all these photo's Fran almost as good as being there! Love Boo's entry and the baby with hair by bettina? adore her.
and such fabulous gifts you are all getting , very envious :)

It's so nice to see some of what's been happening, wished I'd been able to attend this one.
but hopefully next year.
thanks for sharing

Sharon said...

Thanks so much once again for another great blog post, packed with super photos....I loved all of them, and what lovely outfits you all got! The dolls in their party hats do look to be enjoying themselves!
Glad you and your daughter had such a fantastic time at the festival.
Hugs Sharon in Spain x

DollMum said...

Well done Boo with the Dress a Sasha entry. Having looked through Tom's photos of all the entries I agree with you that the winner of the made by entrant was the best - what great costumes.
How on earth did Millie manage to smock 100 dresses for the festival - I can imagine she must have been smocking morning noon and night! I like the studio dress you received as well.
Jackie K's delight with her new doll is great to see - we never grow out of our dolls! And more studio dolls - what a treat.

franberry said...

Even more than just smocking 100 dresses, Millie smocked the BACK too! She said it took her about a year to make them all.
I'm home now, and need to try to get Boo unwound enough that she'll take a shower and go to bed, finish packing my son for the Boy Scout National Jamboree (he leaves tomorrow for 10 days), and hopefully make time for a quick post about our final half-day at the festival.