31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Adeline is all dressed up for Easter in an adorable rabbit outfit by Nikita (ebay seller eseascaper7) and shoes/socks by Ruthsdolls. I love the placement of the rabbit trio on the bodice and how it makes her blueberry eyes look almost blue-grey.

She has an Easter basket full of yummy treats from the Etsy shop USA Girl Dolls. I bought these last year, but due to a shipping snafu they didn't arrive until a few days after Easter. No worries - my Sashas didn't mind and the "candy" is still fresh for this year (and next year, and the year after that ...).

I think she looks rather sullen for a girl with such a large basket of yummy treats. Maybe its because she'd rather be eating candy than posing for pictures.

Happy Easter everyone!


Theodora said...

A very pretty girl in a stunning Easter Dress! So sweet! xxx Karin

Anonymous said...

She doesn't look sullen just surprised she got SO much candy. She is adorable, of course, and wonderfully dressed!

DollMum said...

Happy Easter! She does look a little serious considering her basket of treats. What a lovely dress.

SimplySasha said...

Happy Easter to you too!! Nice to see my ex girl is still looking good!!

Kendal said...

A very Happy Easter to you and Boo too.
What a very attractive Easter dress on such a pretty doll. (Pleased to see that another of Ronny's ex dolls had found a good home. I have a couple here too.)
Scrumptious basket of Easter treats to complete the picture.

Dee said...

Love the dress and the Sasha, her little basket of goodies is great for Easter.