06 October 2012

Early Baby Duo

Unlike squirmy live babies, Erik and Elin were easy to photograph. He did take a bit of coaxing to look at the camera though.

Her hair is a bit longer than his and her face appears wider - subtle differences that I think make than an even more appealing pair than if they were simply clones with different hair color.

They look sweet in white, but I think they're going to look even sweeter in some of the coordinating outfits I've found for them. I'm sure I'll be sharing more pictures of these two at some point in the future.

1 comment:

Kendal said...

I love babies all in white for the first year at least! I kept my daughter in whites and creams with an occasionally a touch of the palest pink/peach until she was at least two.

Your little girl is very sweet looking with her plumper, rounder face whilst Erik has more of a tomboy, naughty look to him.

When the Trendon Sasha babies first came out I used to think (and still do to be honest!) that I would have preferred the girls to have had blonde hair and the boys brunette.

Look forward to seeing them in their new outfits in the near future.
Sasha love and thanks, from Kendal.