21 June 2012

Sasha Festival 2012 - post 2

Whew! What a whirlwind the past several hours have been! Boo is asleep now, and I'm sitting in the dark trying to compose this post. The Meet and Greet was loud, but I managed to do a fair amount of mingling and chatting. It's always fun to catch up with people you've met at previous festivals, and even more fun to meet people who you "know" but have never met in person. I'm surprised by how many people recognized me from my blog, since I still feel like such a newcomer to the Sasha community. Flattering, but also oddly embarrassing. Here are a handful of pictures from this evening (I'll create a sideshow with lots more once the festival is over):

While I wandered, Boo kept herself entertained by playing on my iPad with a couple of friends. This looks surprisingly like pictures from last year. :-)

There was also a gift swap this evening. I didn't participate, but did stand on a chair near the doorway and try to watch. There was no "stealing" of gifts in this swap like we often do in the US, so people didn't open them in front of everyone then parade around for all to see. This would have been hard to do anyway, as most everyone was standing in a fairly small area.

Time for me to get to sleep now, as it's almost Friday already. There's lots on the schedule tomorrow, including a trip to the Cotswolds. Hopefully the weather will by drier than forecast.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Francine! I'm hanging on every word! KarenW

franberry said...

Wish you were here in person Karen, but you are here in spirit. My toddler will be wearing one of your baby dresses at some point. :-)

PrairiePosy said...

So wonderful to see both the new and the familiar faces! I'm sad not to be there, but so happy that you and Boo are there to take pictures and keep the stay at homes in the Festival loop! Have fun and tell everyone hello from me and Elliot!