10 February 2011

Vive la France!

If only Grand-Pere were here to give these girls a quick French lesson. Yes, Luisa, Laura, and Sarah are off to a new home in France.

Taking their picture together, I realized what a nice trio they make: a brown-eyed brunette, a green-eyed redhead, and a blue-eyed blonde, all with a similar hairstyle. As far as I can tell from their tags, they each come from a different year too: Luisa from 1997, Laura from 1996, and Sarah from 1998.

Part of me hates to see them go, but now there is a bit more room in my doll cabinets for the other girls to spread out and be seen.


Lauri said...

Dear Francine,

Yes, they really *are* so lovely together! I'm glad they're going to the same home. :-)

Martine said...

Hello dear american friends,

It's me who bought the three dolls all together the last winter. They are always all together with Angela and Sarah (all Gotz sasha dolls). Very nice to hear of you. Best wishes from France.