25 July 2010

Village Blocks

I took many of the pictures for today's festival post yesterday afternoon. I was putting them on my computer after dinner, when my nine-year old son noticed the picture with the village blocks and asked what they were. I told him they were doll-sized blocks that I'd won at the festival, and that they were on the dining room table (where I'd been taking pictures) if he wanted to check them out. He set up a village scene to show me, then shifted it around to create another scene. Ah, boys and blocks. Then he surprised me by asking if he could make the baby play with the blocks (Cleo was still in the stroller, also on the table). I helped him get her out of the stroller and sitting among the blocks. According to my son, "The baby is eyeing the purple man."


DollMum said...

My sister had a set of these village blocks when we were small, they certainly are good play value for both boys and girls.

Thank you for all your posts about the Sasha festival - the photos are incredible, such a variety of dolls and their clothes.

Best wishes

jenann said...

I bought the farm version of these for my son nearly 30 years ago. They have been played with by countless children in my primary school classes too - great for rainy days when they can't get out to play in the yard - and now my Sashas share them with my own childhood bears - how's that for play value? There is something about wooden playthings that appeals to all ages.