20 April 2010

Blue Bicycle

As of this posting, there is a great picture with a blue bicycle on the Sasha "welcome" page at Let's Play Dolls. It shows a redhead no-navel riding the bike with a brunette baby girl sitting on the back rack and a basketful of toys. My Sashas wanted a bike like that to ride too, so I did some searching online and found several on eBay (turns out it's an American Girl item for Molly, which was retired in 2006). The bicycle I purchased is missing the mirror, but otherwise in great shape. It's a little bit large, but Gregor is a big enough boy that he can handle it.

His blue t-shirt came from Rosie Bloom, where I bought the most adorable pair of shoes a while back. Not only is it more appropriate for pedaling around than his long-sleeve checked shirt, but it makes his beautiful blue eyes really stand out.

That's Toto in the basket, part of the 2008 Festival Outfit (pictured here) which I won in the Children's Fund Auction at last year's festival.

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Mikki said...

He looks great on his bike