20 January 2010

Meet Scarlett

Here's a quote from almost a year ago, the start of my Meet Lucinda post:
The Sasha dolls that I knew growing up were those that were readily available in the US, the English Sashas. Until I went searching for them as an adult, I didn't even realize that there were other different-looking Sashas that were made in Germany. Many people love them, but I don't find the Early Gotz dolls particularly appealing.
Tara from Sasha Doll Musings commented on that post: "Watch out. The 60's German girls will grow on you." She was right, they have grown on me (seeing them at the Sasha Festival helped, as I definitely like them more in person than in pictures). So much in fact, that I decided to purchase a slate-eyed redhead Gotz as a sister for Sigmund.

Her hair is a bit thin on top, but she has nice thick bangs. I especially like the way the longer "wings" frame her face.

She arrived wearing her original dress and panties, with reproduction sandals instead of blue prym snap shoes. I hope to find a pair of those shoes for her someday, so she can have the footwear she would have worn originally. I've seen them on Sasha Doll UK a couple of times, but they'd already been spoken for by someone else.

Look for pictures of "Star" with her brother in my next post.

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