11 October 2009

Marshmallow Roast

I managed to find a campfire for Calla and Rose to sit around in their chairs. And some marshmallows to roast too. American Girl makes a "Campfire and Treats" set as part of their Campfire Collection. I bought it for Boo for her birthday last week. Boy was she thrilled!

The campfire lights up and plays four "classic summer camp songs" (The Bear Went Over The Mountain is one). It comes with two sticks with marshmallows to roast, pretend packages of graham crackers and chocolate, and two s'mores treats. Rose and Calla tried it out today, joined by their new cats Misty and Toby (Pawparazzi Pets, a birthday gift from her big brother). Fun!

They aren't labeled, but I'm pretty sure that both of these outfits are by Nellie Rose.

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DollMum said...

Boo looks so pleased - what a great smile. And the Sasha's look very comfortable in their chairs.