19 August 2009

Meet Delia

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may have noticed some trends within my collection. Most of my dolls fall into three general groups: 1980's English (my "playing" dolls), Later Gotz from 1995-2001 (almost all with their original outfits), and 1968-70 (both English and Gotz, many with their original outfits). Within the later group there are several themes: no navels, side parts, redhead dungarees, and blonde blue cords. Today's introduction falls into the last category; she's another 1969 Blonde Blue Cord.

Delia came from an estate sale, and I believe her clothing is all original. Under her dress she is wearing white ribbed underwear (both vest and pants) and blue cord pants. She is the only one of my blue cord girls who has ribbed pants under her blue cord pair. I'm not sure if she got lucky at the factory, or a previous owner added them from another outfit.

Her hair is two-toned blonde with some factory curl remaining, and her face paint is lovely.

Her lips are paler, but I think she looks a bit like Dolores. I'll try to post another set of blue cord comparison photos soon so you can decide for yourself.


Lauri B said...

She's really lovely. She does look like Dolores, but I think she has a more expressive face. The oxidized lips really add to her appeal, too. Your Dagmar is still my favorite of your Cord Girls!

franberry said...

Dagmar is the first "older" doll I purchased (she came from Shelly). Cost me a small fortune, but I think she was worth every penny. In my collection, she's my favorite blue cord and my favorite side part. Something about that wide face ...