18 June 2009

Meet Desiree (after)

I've been meaning to write this post for almost a week, but have been busy because the kids are out of school for the summer. We've had rain for several days, but fortunately I took pictures of Desiree before the wet weather arrived.

Desiree was another grubby girl when I purchased her on eBay, plus she had several marks on her right leg and her stringing was very loose. All of that has been fixed now by Pat Pellerito, who did a great job restoring her. As I mentioned in my last post, my dolls returned from Florida "looking fresh and wholesome with ribbons in their hair". Desiree's hair is now pulled back at the sides in pale blue ribbons, which influenced my clothing decision for her. She arrived in a tattered brown cord dress, which I believe was her original clothing. I contemplated buying her a "new" brown cord outfit from Sasha Doll UK, but the hair ribbons were just perfect with the classic gingham dress.

This dress is from around the right period as it has snaps at the cuffs (It came with Hayley, who is also from 1969, and I believe the original owner purchased at about the same time as the doll). I have shoes that came with the dress, but they are currently being used by another doll while I figure out how to repair a broken snap.

Her bangs are a bit short, but they look like they were made that way and not chopped by a previous owner. And the pale blue really brings out the color of her eyes.

If anyone has knowledge or even suggestions about repairing/replacing snaps, I'd appreciate it. I have a pair of white ankle strap shoes that are missing the "male" half of one snap, and the dress shown above is missing the snap on one of the cuffs. Any help with fixing these would be greatly appreciated!

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