07 November 2008

Clothing Shuffle

I'm "playing" with my "displaying" dolls but sometimes it's hard to resist, especially for those not in their original outfits.

A nice eBay seller (afewdolls I think) sent along a Gotz outfit with one of my doll purchases, the pink dress and full white panties from the Daniela dress set. Sofie and Daniela are from the same year, and both have similar blonde hairstyles. I also have a white vest and white sandals from a Sarah dress set (which I don't really need seeing as I have Sarah in her original clothing), so I decided to put them to use. Sofie now looks a lot like Daniela, minus her white straw hat.

The pink plaid dress that Sofie was wearing is now on Anika, and matches her pink shoes perfectly. With their pale skin and brown hair, Stella and Anika look like sisters in their matching dresses.

Marianne needed to cover her bare feet, so I've given her the white Bonika shoes that I bought for Sofie. They're not the style of shoe she would have worn originally, but they look nice none-the-less. Who knows, perhaps one day I'll find her the correct replacement footwear.

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